Hiring a “Green” Commercial Cleaning Service

With so many areas of business and industry having made the shift towards the ‘green’ environmentally friendly approach, it was only a matter of time before the commercial cleaning industry followed suit. Most major companies have adopted a “green” approach, not only with the cleaning materials that they use, but also with methods and processes that they employ.

In most modern office environments, there is usually little need for industrial strength cleaners, which are most often associated with environmental hazards. Nevertheless, some situations do have a need for such cleaning materials. Which makes the decision to go green a fairly easy one to make. To put it simply, most commercially available cleaning solutions and processes should be sufficient in terms of handling your environmental and personal safety concerns, but you could eliminate most risks by simply opting for a green commercial cleaning firm.

It is important to note that environmental hazards can occur at any point during, and even after, the cleaning process. Harsh cleaning solutions may release harmful toxins that evaporate into the air or end up in the sewer system. These substances present a health risk not only to the people on the premises, but also to the personnel tasked with the cleaning job. Toxic substances can end up in the groundwater, resulting in an environmental hazard that may exist many years after the cleaning took place.

The immediate effects of hazardous cleaning materials are reason enough for concern. People exposed to them can experience skin and eye irritations. When they end up in the environment that they can cause long-lasting and wider spread damage. A common ingredient used in industrial cleaning solutions, alkylphenol ethoxylates, has been known to cause adverse effects on the reproductive systems of wildlife exposed to it.

There are specific considerations to make when hiring a green commercial cleaning company. You will have to be more careful about hiring such firms, subjecting potential companies to even more scrutiny than you would apply when hiring a typical cleaning service. You will also have to ensure that any firm you consider conforms to established government standards for safety and hazard waste management.

For a company to conform to green standards, it is essential for the cleaning personnel to have undergone extensive training in the proper use and handling of commonly used cleaning materials and substances. It may also be to your advantage to work with a company whose personnel have undergone training in chemical management. This involves instruction in the handling, storage, and use of hazardous materials, and can reduce or prevent risks associated with them.

Hiring this type of commercial cleaning company can have numerous effects on your business. The knowledge that you are reducing your harmful impact on the environment should be enough to convince you to go for the green option.