Commercial Cleaning Firms: Contractual Or Per Day?

For most companies, there will inevitably come a time when hiring a professional cleaning firm will become absolutely essential. Along with a company’s growth and expansion comes the need for more specialized cleaning services that only a professional firm can provide. Maintaining cleanliness is an important concern for any small business or office facility, and there is often no need, or requirement to have a cleaning crew regularly on call as part of the paid office personnel. For this reason, many companies simply opt to hire a third party crew to perform the necessary cleaning services.

After determining the need for a commercial cleaning firm, the decision often comes down to hiring a firm on a contractual or long-term basis, or hiring a crew for a specific day only. While the decision may seem a bit of a no-brainer, different companies may actually have different needs that may change from time to time. By deciding on the most appropriate option given your company’s specific requirements, you will be better able to get the most appropriate services and possibly even get a better deal in the process.

The first thing you will have to consider is the size of the office: Do you run a small office with only a skeleton crew? Or are you part of a larger, multilevel office facility with hundreds of employees? For smaller office facilities, there may be no reason to hire a commercial cleaning firm on a contractual basis. In such a workplace, calling in a cleaning crew only when you need them will save you money. A smaller office will usually have infrequent needs for cleaning as well, with most tasks handled by the in-office personnel, hiring a cleaning crew to come in regularly would simply be a waste of money.

You should also consider the type of work that is done in the office, and how this affects the need for cleaning services. A manufacturing firm will almost certainly need to have a cleaning crew come in periodically in order to deal with the debris, waste products, and general clutter generated by most manufacturing firms. For such companies, calling a cleaning crew every time you need to clean up the place is simply too impractical. It will also mean that the premises will remain in disarray for long periods, which could result in potential hazards and safety risks.

Finally, consider the type of cleaning that needs to be done. If you work with industrial materials and heavy machinery, having a professional commercial cleaning crew come in regularly is absolutely essential for maintaining safety and cleanliness standards that are often required of such companies. In fact, you may even be required by law to have regular access to a commercial cleaning crew that conforms to standards for safety and capability. In such a scenario, you will not only need to hire a commercial cleaning firm on a contractual basis, but you have to ensure that they are capable of handling tasks specific to the cleaning requirements of your business.