Commercial Cleaning Crew Or In-House Personnel?

Maintaining cleanliness in the workplace is an essential concern that every company will have to face up to at some point. Even the smallest offices will require periodic cleaning by a dedicated crew in order to conform to local and state laws pertaining to meeting safety and professional standards in the workplace. Unless you work in a single room office, and sometimes even then, you really need much more than someone with a broom and a feather duster in order to ensure that the office is a clean and safe environment to work in conducive to optimal performance of all employees on the premises.

Most companies that have a need for a dedicated cleaning staff will ultimately have to decide whether to hire a third-party, commercial cleaning firm, or to assign personnel to perform periodic cleaning and maintenance. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, and you will have to take stock of a number of important factors in order to determine which approach is the most appropriate for your company.

As with so many aspects of business, cost factors are a major part of the decision. Maintaining an in-house cleaning staff will mean that you will have access to cleaning personnel at all times, but it also means that you will have to pay for the salaries, insurance, and benefits of the personnel assigned to the role. This can prove to be very costly over time, and you might find that the infrequent need for cleaning plus the cost of maintaining dedicated cleaning personnel outweighs the benefits of having such a team on call at all times.

The most feasible alternative for most companies, even smaller ones, is to simply hire a commercial cleaning firm on a contractual basis. This enables a company to have access to periodic cleaning services without the costs associated with maintaining a cleaning staff in-house. While it may be more costly to pay for a cleaning crew that only comes in once a week, you do have to consider that you are basically only paying such professionals for the work that they do without having to pay them a salary or provide them with benefits.

Hiring a commercial cleaning firm also usually means that you get a wider range of services, which are generally of a higher quality than what you can expect from an in-house crew. Keep in mind that most commercial cleaning firms are staffed by dedicated professionals that have undergone extensive training in some very specific cleaning technologies, and they may be able to handle tasks that are simply beyond the capabilities of most in-house cleaning personnel.

Some companies opt for the hybrid approach, in which they have an in-house janitor or cleaning staff for day-to-day cleaning duties and hire a commercial crew for more specialized cleaning jobs. Depending on the needs of your company, this may prove to be the more feasible option, giving you the benefits of an on-call cleaning crew for rudimentary cleaning and maintenance jobs, while giving you the expertise of specialist cleaning professionals on a periodic ba