Clean Workspaces make Productive Workplaces


Surprisingly enough most employers fail to see the connection. The truth is, employee morale is a highly complex matter, affected by a variety of factors. It now goes well beyond fair compensation and benefits.

In the last decade, there has been tremendous focus on company culture, encompassing everything from established values, Human Resources practices, diversity initiatives and Health and Safety, just to name a few.

Basically the overall behaviour of an organization. As if all this wasn’t enough, culture is continuously evolving to ensure that the organization is aligned with economic changes and social norms.

The success of a company depends on this vital component to produce happy employees or a high morale within their employee body, thus resulting in optimal productivity. So how is it that so often the conditions of the workplace environment, beyond Health and Safety directives, go overlooked and underestimated?

This is where Clean-Way Janitorial Services can help!


According to Social and Development Canada, most of us spend an average of 38.6 hours a week within the walls of our workplace, be it an office, retail store, warehouse, etc. We are enclosed in that environment. It is what we see, what we hear, smell and touch – our senses are completely engaged, influencing how we perceive our surroundings and evoking emotional responses throughout the day.

Fortunately, sight is the easiest to appeal to through colour, light, tidiness and organization. An aesthetically pleasing and clean work place will produce a positive emotional response by creating a sense of wellbeing, safety and appreciation by the employer. This perception is important to maintain an efficient level of productivity from your staff. As important to your bottom line, is the health of your employees. After all, your employees are your most valuable asset.

It is not enough for the workplace to look clean and tidy but for it to be clean and sanitary.

Research has consistently shown that high-touch items can contain up to 400 times more bacteria then the average toilet. High on the germ scale is your office telephone, followed by doorknobs, workstations and staircase railings. Clean-Way Janitorial recognizes the importance of safely disinfecting these surfaces regularly to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses using environmentally friendly products. The use of these products have a favorable impact on the health of building occupants, cleaning staff who handle these products directly and the planet. They improve the air quality you breathe most of the day by eliminating harmful toxic fumes and gases left by the traditionally used chemical cleaners. Furthermore, regular carpet maintenance is imperative to remove indoor pollutants and allergens that may otherwise be irritants for your staff.

Proper upkeep of a sanitary workplace, free of contaminants and bacteria is essential to the consistent performance and productivity of your workforce. Conversely, a poor and undesirable environment with buildup of dust, dirt and unsightly surfaces, will inevitably result in:

  • Absenteeism
  • High turnover
  • Employee complaints
  • Poor performance
  • Decreased productivity

This can be damaging to any business’s bottom line as deadlines are missed and setbacks are experienced.


The team at Clean-Way Janitorial Services are highly trained experts who pay close attention to detail and care about the finished product. We are passionate about improving the overall image of your facility and maximizing the experience of your employees, partners and customers while being environmentally responsible.

Whether you choose your customized cleaning program to be daily or weekly, there are a few things your team can do to optimize their clean space and health in between maintenance visits:

  • Encourage regular hand washing for the duration of 20 seconds
  • Eating at a designated food area to avoid excess contamination
  • Suggest regular cleaning of cell phones as these are placed on many public surfaces
  • Taking precautions when ill to avoid spreading of germs, ie covering mouth or working from home

Clean-Way Janitorial Services believe how people feel in and about their workplace will determine how productive they are and how successful your company is!