Keeping Education Squeaky Clean

Just like in any other business or establishment, the cleanliness of a school has a very large effect on it’s success. A clean business and office environment fosters productivity and efficiency and inspires confidence in your customers. If this applies to other businesses, so much more so if the establishment is a school. Whether you’re […]

Commercial Cleaning for Your Furniture

Any office, such as a law office, that entertain clients on a regular basis needs upholstery and furniture to seat clients. If you have high profile clients and guests, then you are probably spending a significant amount of money on getting good furniture for your office. And like any good investment, you want to make […]

3 Winter Proofs Every Business Needs

Father Winter started rearing his head early in 2014, as Commercial cleaning professionals in Toronto have been feeling his icy grip for days. Despite the desire to bundling up and stay warm, the effects winter has on the workplace should be considered. There are many tasks to organize, from sidewalk deicing to disposing of slush, […]

6 Commercial Cleaning Resolutions for 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, people and businesses around the globe are pondering their New Year’s resolutions. The standard resolutions seem to be stop smoking, go vegan, or lose weight, while companies vow to increase profit via sales, manufacturing and more. Stepping outside the box of normality, perhaps companies should delve deeper into the […]