The Costs of a Hiring a Cleaning Company vs. In-House Cleaners

Cleanliness truly is next to Godliness in the workplace. Business owners put good money in seeing to it that the premises are kept in order. Cleanliness is not only a question of keeping things tidy and shiny. Cleanliness is a question of employee productivity, health and safety. Da Vinci, Shakespeare, many revered ancient philosophers, and […]

4 Things Business Owners Should Know Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Business owners are constantly on their toes about business matters. One of those matters is the choice of commercial cleaning company. A wise business owner would not jump on board with the company that offers the lowest rates in the city because that could easily turn into a living nightmare. Prudent consideration of a company […]

The Hybrid of Office Cleaning

Most company owners are faced with the challenge of deciding whether to hire a commercial cleaning crew or maintain an in-house cleaning staff. Both have their benefits and their downsides and the matter of weighing these options can be rather tedious as many factors come into play such as company budget, the size of the […]

Services Offered By Commercial Cleaning Companies

Different commercial cleaning companies may vary slightly in the services they offer. But the variations are minor. Commercial cleaning companies cater to the cleaning needs of different premises which may include government facilities, airports, shops, offices, factories, medical facilities, warehouses, data centers, function centers, schools, and high rises. Commercial cleaning companies make it their business […]